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Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave was discovered in 1948 quite by accident while minig for building of the harbour. It is located at the western foot of hold peninsula. There is a 50 m passage at the entrance. After the passage there comes a cylinderical cavity. This leads to the basement of the cave. The stalactite and stalagmites inside the cave were formed in 15 thousand years. Besides its fascinating beauty the cave is famous with its air which is beneficial to asthmatic patients. Following the rumors that asthmatic benefited from breathing the air in the cave, scientists analyzed a sample of the air to verify the fact that the air was indeed beneficial to patients suffering from non-allergic asthme. They found that the air in the cave contains 10 to 12 times more carbon dioxide than normal air and has % 95 humidity. Temperature in the cave is 22 degrees centigrade. Both the radioactivity and ionization in the cave may contribute to the benefits derived from breathing the air in the cave. Entrance is due to payment. There is a small market around and in front of the cave is a beach.

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Sapadere Canyon

The Canyon and village of Sapadere which is 40 km far to Alanya centre and 175 km to Antalya Airport, is located within the territorial border of Alanya sub-district of Antalya province. The Canyon and village of Sapadere has magnificent natural beauties where you can see all shades of the green in. You will have the opportunity of tasting village-style local foods that are all cooked of natural products in our establishment where has been located around the river flowing through the canyon. Your children shail grab at an opportunity of having fun in play-ground which is designed only for kids in our establishment that the service quality and hygiene are standing in the forefront. You will see the weaving of the silk on the weaving loom. You will have opportunity to see the natural beauty of the canyon closer by the walking-path through the canyon. If you want to see and enjoy all our activities we invite you to Canyon and Village of Sapadere where the green to be named after.

Sapadere Kanyonu Sapadere Kanyonu Sapadere Kanyonu Sapadere Kanyonu Sapadere Kanyonu

Dwarfs Cave

Dwarfs Cave is located on the way to Sapadere Canyon, which is within the terrirorial border of Demirtas town in Alanya, sub-district of Alanya province. It is 37 km away From Alanya city center and 12 km away from the highway of Demirtas Town. It is 1300 m North of Tırılar Village Primary School junction. A magnificent valley scenery seen from the observation terrace at the entrance of the cave is waiting for you. You will find peace of mind in the pure clean air of the forest, while admining all reach our fascinating cave. It has sic sections and a total of 155 m was opened to visitors on 09 May 2012. You are welcome to our cave, where you will be impressed with the magic of the riot of colours and be fascinated with the splendor of stalactites and stalagmites.

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Dim Brook

Dim Brook takes its source from the Taurus and flows to the Mediterranean from the east of Alanya; there are picnic areas on the coast of it which is 15 km inside from the coast of the Mediterranean. In summer the tables of field restaurants under the old plane trees are set in the brook. The guests sit there bare feet in the brook. What's more, authentic tables with cushions are set on the wooden terraces on the slopes close to the brook and by the brook. In some restaurants, tables are on the rafts. The valley covered by forests is cool even in the summer. The commonly preferred dish in this area is usually trout. The trout are kept in the pools in restaurant gardens. They are usually fried, cooked in a crock or grilled. Also, there are some sites in the area proper for mountain-biking and trekking.

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